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Log4j: Newest Vulnerability in Log4j 2.17.0 more hype than substance

Chris Thompson has an insightful article about the current hype on log4j. With as much attention as there is now on the Log4j project, it can be difficult to truly understand the impact of the recently disclosed vulnerabilities when they are being compared against the original Log4Shell vulnerability, a perfect 10/10 severity. The latest vulnerabilities found in log4j 2.17.0 are much less serious. >read<

Vulcano breaks communication with the archipelago Tonga

The massive eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai volcano in Tonga in the Pacific damaged several submarine cables. This is reported by New Zealand media referencing to various operators of submarine cables in the South Pacific. It is feared that the island state of Tonga will remain largely cut off from the Internet for at least several weeks. >read<

Never-before-seen cross-platform RAT discovered

Researchers have uncovered a remote access trojan (RAT) written from scratch for systems running Windows, macOS, or Linux that remained undetected by virtually all malware scanning engines. The discovery is significant for several reasons and is described in detail in the following article. >read<

10 real-world stories of compromised CI/CD pipelines

Build pipelines are highly-privileged targets with a substantial attack surface. Not only does this article by nccgroup detail the exploits and deficiencies, but lays out clear actionable steps to remedy them. >read<

Patchmanagement - a comprehensive series

Unpatched known vulnerabilities remain one of the most common attack vectors in today’s cyberattacks. The insightful series of articles on darkreading covers the evolution of patchmanagement, the risk-based approach we are all used to today, and an outlook to the future development of keeping systems updated. >read<

Threat intelligence - free and open-source

Matthew Sullivan has created a community-driven alerting system for high-impact vulnerabilities. We think this is an amazing alternative to commercial threat intelligence systems and worth supporting. >read<

We purchased a machine from China and it came with malware preinstalled

We want to end this roundup with a hilarious and informative story from the folks at rmcybernetics. They ordered a small Pick and Place machine from AliExpress and found malware preinstalled. >read<